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1. Arizona
2. New Mexico
3. Southern California
4. Southern Nevada
5. Texas

Note: If you wish to include your organization in this list, please send a brief information about your organization, list of current officers and contact details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Attn: Cultural Officer).


1.  Arizona

Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Arizona (PACCA)

The Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Arizona (PACCA) was established in 1994 by a group of Filipino small business owners. Its elected Officers and Board Members are serving voluntarily and holding term of offices for two years. Its main objective is to promote, foster and enhance the business relationships between the members of the Chamber, the general business community inside and outside of Arizona and in the Philippines.

The Chamber strives to broaden opportunities for Filipino-American entrepreneurs by conducting seminars and workshops. It serves as a conduit in assisting in the professional growth of its members with timely and informative speakers. Speakers have included government and state officials, business consultants, economists, health experts and motivational speakers. Representatives from the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry, Internal Revenue Service, City of Phoenix, the Small Business Administration as well as speakers in insurance, labor, census and immigration issues have also addressed the Chamber.

Since then, the Chamber has now grown into a diversified group of small business owners whose presence in the community is much stronger than before. Currently, the Chamber boasts of membership in the fields of accounting, banking, consultancies, education, engineering, finance, food industry, government, health, insurance, internet, law, medicine, mortgage lending, non-profit, pest control, real estate, restaurants, retail, shipping, software, telecommunications, trading and travel services.

Filipino American BusinessChamber ofCommerce Arizona (FABCCAZ)

2.  New Mexico
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3.  Southern California
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4.  Southern Nevada
5.  Texas

Filipino American Association of North Texas (FAANTX)

The Filipino American Association of North Texas is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. It was organized to promote and enhance the cultural diversity of the Filipino Americans, which embody their ideals and beliefs, committed to the community. To bring together Filipino American traditions and maintain this community through open communications and cooperation.

In order to achieve these objectives, develop better cooperation with other organizations, and generate greater interest and active presentation of the members, the Association has organized, coordinated and participated in programs and projects involving charitable, civic, cultural and educational activities.  The Association is always open for suggestions on the best way to utilize its resources, extend camaraderie and generate mutual cooperation among Filipinos and their friends in North Texas.

Filipino American Golfers Club (FilAmGC)

The Filipino American Golfers Club also known as FilAmGC, was established as a non-profit entity on 2008 with the purpose of promoting golf as a serious pastime among Filipino Americans and others in Central Texas and in the Southwest. We are golfers who have grouped ourselves together to fill our needs and satisfy our passion for golf.

FilAmGC and its members develop a close bond and fraternity through team play, fund raising events, special members only events and golf tournaments. FilAmGC is a non-profit organization and whatever dues we may collect is solely for the benefit of the club and its members. Golf tournaments and Special events are created to raise funds for charitable contributions to organizations and interest groups throughout Austin and surrounding communities.

The objectives of the club is to conserve the best interest and true spirit of the game of golf, promotion of golf and good fellowship through the participation in social activities and golf in accordance with the rules of golf as published by the USGA.

Philippine American Chamber of Commerce (PACC) of Texas

The Philippine American Chamber of Commerce (PACC) of Texas promotes Filipino American business and trade, and develops opportunities for corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals to network, do business with, and support the Filipino American community.